Little knowledge of wool felt -- advantages and disadvantages of various working mats

- Aug 03, 2018-

The main function of the work pad is to reduce the impact opportunity of the pin and the desktop, the common work cushion has three kinds: 1. foam foam pad work pad advantages: cheap price, not easy to stick to wool, very suitable for the use of the early * *, the market sales of foam pad size is different, can be selected depending on the need. Disadvantages: after a period of time, it will need to be replaced because of the burst of bubbles. 2. Advantages of high-density sea surface cushion: thick and elastic, in curling wool, sponge surface can cause resistance, so can curl very tight. Disadvantages: too many times, there will be a card hair and sponge chip off the situation, too much elasticity in the work of the cushion stab may have elastic needle phenomenon. 3. brush work cushion advantage: the appearance resembles clean use brush, after careful observation, it will find the difference, its bristle density is very high neatly, high price, but can be repeated use, generally no loss problem, very suitable for needle felt plane objects. Disadvantages: Needle felt when the back will be easy to wool because the work and brush contact, can be placed on a non-woven fabric, avoid contact with the brush can be.