main uses of felt

- Dec 07, 2020-

Main uses 1. For oil absorption, sound absorption, shockproof and sound insulation 2. Use of high-tech electronic products 3. Packaging and use of mechanical equipment 4. Sound insulation of sound equipment 5. Use of medical equipment 6. Use of leather embossing machine 7. Textile factory, chemical factory, cement factory, filtration and oil absorption 8. Other kinds of musical instruments, hats, cold shoes, grinding, dustproof, etc. can be used 9. The felt surface of calligraphy and painting is flat and even, white and soft, elastic, which can set off rice paper, making calligraphy and painting lovers use their pens freely and feel comfortable. When there is a lot of ink in the works, it will not run, and it has the function of supporting ink. Because wool can absorb moisture and absorb ink, it greatly embodies the good performance of dehydration and ink preservation. Especially when drawing traditional Chinese painting, it can produce flowers with fine brush. Calligraphy and painting felt is economical, full of grades and convenient Durable, it is the necessary auxiliary material for the four treasures of study.