Main uses of wool felt

- Jan 16, 2019-

Oil absorption, sound absorption, shock-proof and sound insulation of locomotives; use of high-tech electronic products; use of machinery and equipment packaging; sound insulation of audio equipment; use of medical equipment; use of leather embossing machine; use of textile, chemical and cement factories, filtration and oil absorption; use of other kinds of musical instruments, hats, cold-proof shoes, grinding, dust-proof and so on. Household appliances, audio recordings, film sets - vibration (dust), insulation, cleaning. Computer, Camera - Vibration (Dust), Insulation, Electromagnetic Wave Prevention. Fax, Telephone - Vibration Protection, Electromagnetic Wave Prevention, Heat Cut-off. Microwave oven, dryer - electromagnetic wave prevention, insulation. Air conditioning - sound proof, vibration proof, dew proof and filtration. General industrial machinery, various industrial machinery - anti-vibration, oil-containing lubrication, friction resistance; various motor series - anti-vibration, oil-containing lubrication, anti-friction; ultra-fine wire processing - copper wire insulation paint; dust-proof gas mask - filtration, dust-proof; refrigeration machine - insulation, heat insulation, dew prevention; semiconductor, glass, metal - grinding; automobile engine - heat-cut, noise-proof Heat-resistant; Oil filters in all parts - filtering and oil-containing; other parts transport - heat-resistant, dust-proof, filtering and oil-containing; sports instruments, medical instruments, musical instruments, piano, percussion instruments - percussion, dust-proof, other gaskets, electronic instruments - vibration-proof, dust-proof, insulation, other gaskets, sports equipment - cushion to prevent sports injury, other medical equipment - cushion to restore health equipment, cushion Other cultural products printing desk-oil storage, oil storage, black/white board rubbing-soft, non-scratched black/white board, wear-resistant, wipe clean, painting and calligraphy felt, with high-quality pure wool or fibers as raw materials, painting and calligraphy are appropriate, felt smooth and even, white and soft, flexible, can foil Xuan Paper, so that calligraphy and painting enthusiasts can move freely, feel comfortable. When ink works, it will not run ink, has the role of supporting ink, but also because wool can absorb. Drying water, also has the function of absorbing ink, which greatly reflects the good performance of dewatering and preserving ink, especially drawing Chinese painting, which can create beautiful brushwork and flowers, painting and calligraphy felt is economical, complete grade, convenient and durable, and it is the necessary auxiliary material for the four treasures of the study.