Maintenance methods and characteristics of felt bag

- Jun 28, 2017-

The maintenance method of wool yurt:

1, often using high quality soft bristle brush to dust on the surface, in order to maintain the beautiful appearance and color wool lattice effect.

2, regular wool fabric to rest, so that wool fibers have time to breathe, restore natural characteristics.

3, wool fiber has natural pollution resistance, but if you are not contaminated with dirt, please use half dry towels for processing, so as not to leave traces.

4, please do not use warm, hot water or bleach water cleaning wool products stains. If necessary, please be sure to rub gently, so as not to damage the fiber quality.

5, the surface of the ball as a result of friction and hair, directly with small scissors to cut off, will not affect the appearance of wool felt fabric.

6, collection, please wash clean, completely dry, sealed installed. Wash with cold water when washing. Bleaching agents such as bleaching powder must not be used.

7, can only choose marked with pure wool mark and without bleach neutral lotion cleaning. Use hand washing as much as possible. Do not use the washer so as not to break the shape.

8, when cleaning with hand pressure, the dirty part only gently scrub, do not brush. The use of cleaning shampoo and conditioner way can reduce pilling phenomenon. After cleaning, try to hang the felt products in the ventilation area and let them dry naturally. If you want to dry, please use low temperature drying, high temperature will lead to deformation, or even burnt.

Characteristics of wool felt:

1. The felt is elastic, and can be used as shockproof, sealing, lining and elastic wire clothing.

2, because of good felting performance, not easy to loose, can be cut into various shapes of parts.

3. The insulation property of felt is better, it can be used as heat insulation material.

4. The texture of the felt is close, the pore is small, and it is not restricted to the thickness of the fabric as it is manufactured