Making process of felt bag 1

- Aug 06, 2018-

Making bags with colored chemical wool felt is beautiful, fashionable, shockproof and durable, and the production cost is very low.

The material required for the felt package DIY:

Use colored blankets and choose thick cloth with a width of 19 inches x10.5 inches.

1) spread the felt cloth on the table, place iPad on the felt and align the edge. Wrap the curled felt cloth in iPad and set aside 3 inches of cloth at the top as a cover cloth. Draw the cutting line with the tailor pen and ruler, and cut off the excess cloth.

2) draw the petal shape (or crescent shape) with the pen at the edge of the covering cloth, and cut it neatly.

3) remove iPad and stitch both sides of the felt bag with sewing machine.