Making a Wrapped Baby Slipper

- Aug 31, 2017-

1.Trace your baby's foot using a pencil to make the sole.[2] You only need to trace one foot, because you can simply flip the pattern over for the other slipper. If your baby moves around too much, you can use a slipper or shoe that fits him or her well instead.

2.Neaten your pattern up, and add a ?-inch (0.-64-centimeter) seam allowance.[3] Go around your pattern again, but this time, add a ?-inch (0.64-centimeter) border. Make sure that the curves are nice and neat, and not "sketchy." You can do this with a pen to distinguish it from the original pattern.

  • It might still be a good idea to do this if you used a slipper to trace the pattern. Remember, it is always easier to cut down something that's too big than the other way around.

3.Measure the circumference of the sole you just drew. Start at the pinkie area, and wrap over the toes, around the heel, and back towards the pinkie. Next, overlap towards the big toe, and record your number. This extra measurement is important; it will help create that wrapped, crisscross look for your slipper

4. Measure up from your baby's heel up to his or her ankle, then add ?-inch (0.64-centimeters). This will give you the height of your slipper.[5] Again, if your baby moves around too much, use shoe that fits him or her well. Choose a shoe that ends either at the ankle or just below it; do not use a bootie.

5.Draw a rectangle with rounded edges according to your two measurements.Start by drawing a long, skinny rectangle based on your circumference and heel-to-ankle measurements. Next, orient the rectangle landscape-fashion, and use the toe part of your sole to sketch out the curves. Make sure that the pinkie part of the sole touches the top, long edge of the rectangle on each side

6.Pin your patterns to the felt, then cut them out. You will need to cut out each pattern once. Flip one set over for the other slipper, and set it aside for now.

7.Pin the rectangle piece to the sole piece. Find the center of the rectangle, and pin one of the long edges to the center of the sole's heel. Your rectangle may have an edge that's move curved than the other one. Keep this edge against the edge of the sole.

8.Wrap each side of the rectangle around the sole. Start by wrapping one of the flaps around the inside of the heel, over the big toe area, and towards the pinkie, pinning it as you go. Next, wrap the other flap around the other side of your slipper, pinning as you go.[7]

  • Remember to reverse the flaps for your other slipper. This way, they both wrap towards each other.

9.Stitch around the edge of the slipper. You can do this using a simple straight stitch, or you can use a blanket stitch for something fancier. Remember to pull the pins out as your sewing.

10.Cut a 1-inch (2.54-centimeter) piece of elastic, and stitch it to the inside of your slipper. Place the elastic behind the crossed-over flaps. Pin the left side of the elastic to the left flap, and the right side to the right flap. Avoid stretching the elastic if you can. Next, stitch the elastic in place using a some X-shaped stitch. This will allow the slipper to pull open and close