Making Felt Peonies

- Aug 18, 2017-

  1. Select your felt. This method of making peonies requires long, skinny strips of felt, so use fabric that you have long pieces of. You can use any color you would like.

  2. Cut your felt to size. Your felt strips will need to be 1? inch wide and whatever length you would like. The longer the piece of felt you use, the larger your flower will be.

  3. Glue your strips. To create the illusion of petals, you will need to create a loop out of each strip of felt. Fold the felt in half and dab glue along the edge of the fabric all the way across the strip. Hold the edges together until it is dry, forming a long, narrow, oblong tube.

  4. Create your petals. Use a pair of scissors to cut small notches in the loop. Cut notches that go ? of the way down the loop (from the top, not the glued end) and are ? inch apart. You will end up with several dozen small loops attached along a single band of felt at the bottom.

  * You can cut the felt straight down or at a slight angle to get different variations of petals. Try both to see which you       prefer.

  * Experiment with the distance between the slits you cut, as these will create petals of different sizes. For a very     intricate flower, make cuts very close together. For a chunky flower, space your notches farther apart.

 5.   Roll up your flower. Start at one end and begin rolling the felt strip inwards along the glued bottom edge. As you roll, dab glue on the inside of the felt so that the flower sticks together. When you reach the end, add a bit more glue to secure it.

 6.   Finish your peony. When the flower has been rolled up completely, it is done! For extra security, add a few stitches of thread in addition to the glue you used to keep the flower together. You can optionally add a few felt leaves to complete the blossom.