Making the felt dumpling purse

- Aug 30, 2017-

  1. Fold the outer fabric in half. Have the wrong side facing outward. Sew the two side edges together, from the bottom up to the top. Leave the two curved edges at the top unsewn. 

  2. Turn the purse inside out.

  3. Fold the purse. See the image for points A and B. Using these points, fold the bag so as to bring points A and B to match together. Clip or pin these two sides together, to hold the purse shape in place, in readiness for sewing.

  4. Sew the two edges of one of the clipped sides together. The other side will be left open for the addition of the zipper shortly. Then sew in the zipper on the remaining open side. Use the image to guide you.

  5. Add the lining piece. Sew the cotton lining piece as for the outer piece, so that it forms the dumpling shape, without a zipper attached. Push this inside the purse and either clip or pin it in place, as shown in the image.

  6. Turn the purse inside out. Sew it onto the purse, around the edges. Neaten and adjust as you sew.

  7. Turn the purse the right side out. The dumpling-shaped purse is now done.