Method of making wool felt

- Oct 15, 2018-

1, prepare the necessary tools.

2, to make a rabbit's wool felt doll, first learn to prick ellipsoid. Take the right wool from the white wool and roll it into an ellipsoid as much as possible.

3, put the rolled wool cluster on the foam pad to poke, and in the process of poking, turn the ball around, where to protrude and poke it until it is stamped into a shape you want, and the surface is smooth and not frizzy.

4, then do the shape of the rabbit ears. Still take the right wool from the white wool strip and fold it into a strip. Then put it on the foam pad, poke it for a while, then make the wool feel like it, then stamp it on the side of the hair, and notice the shape of the whole ear is a little radian. The whole process should be properly turned down, not just one side.

5, improve the shape of the ear. Take a little wool from the pink strip, rub it into a long strip in your hand, put it in the middle of the white rabbit's ears made in the previous step, and continue to jab. If you stamp the peach red on the white, you should pay attention to it and stamp the hair in the side to control the shape.

6, improve the head. From the peach and black wool strips, take two equal sized wool, knead it into small circles on the hand, then place it in the right place of the rabbit's head, and stamp the pink blush and black eyes onto the rabbit's face.

7, put your head together with your two ears. Put your ears in the right place on your head, add a little white wool where they come into contact, and constantly poke them where they come into contact, bringing the ears and head together.

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