Method of using wool felt grinding head

- Jun 09, 2019-

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Wool felt grinder:

Made of wool felt, used for polishing glass, marble, metal diamonds, etc.

Wool grinding head is widely used in the fine grinding of cylinder bore grinding, pipeline, abrasive tools, dies, medical equipment, beauty containers, gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel, glass instruments, special mechanical parts, etc. Installed on the electric mill, the diameter of the handle is 2.35 mm, 3 mm, 3.17 mm and 6 mm. Performance and characteristics

 (1) It can be polished directly by itself.

 (2) Use polished surface with polishing fluid (paste, powder) to achieve better polishing effect. 

(3) It can deal with the traces left by the polishing process before polishing. 

(4) Convenient replacement. 

(5) Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent material selection, soft and elastic wool yarn, series and most of the market pneumatic, electric polishing machine match.

 (7) Washing and reusing can reduce economy.