Methods of weaving carpet

- Oct 08, 2020-

There are three kinds of carpet weaving methods: manual weaving, machine weaving and non-woven weaving. Hand weaving is expensive, now the most commonly used non-woven method to produce carpets.

Hand woven carpets have been used since ancient times, and Persian carpets belong to this category. This kind of carpet has fine workmanship, beautiful pattern and full blanket surface. Chinese handmade carpets have a long history, which is characterized by long hair, neat, fine density and exquisite patterns. Handmade carpet has excellent elasticity, wear resistance and weather resistance. It has long service life and better performance.

Machine woven carpet: high production efficiency, appearance and texture are not as good as hand woven carpet, but the price is low. There are two main types of machine-made Carpets: Wilton carpet and Axminster carpet. Wilton woven carpet is the earliest woven carpet, which has good durability, fine, firm and thick weaving. Axminster carpet is an improved woven carpet in England. It has much more colors than Wilton woven carpet and can weave very complex patterns and patterns

Non woven carpet: as the name suggests, it is a kind of carpet without weaving. It is easy to make, more suitable for mass production and low price. It is a popular carpet. Non woven carpet mainly includes tufted carpet, crochet carpet and needle punched carpet. The non-woven carpet is made by sewing, crocheting, needling and other methods to plant wool on the pre woven base cloth, and then fixing the wool with raw rubber.