Needle punched nonwovens are felt?

- Sep 27, 2018-

  Felt can only be considered as a kind of needle punched nonwovens. Needle punched nonwovens come out in rows, depending on how strong they are. If you want to do it well, you can do it badly. For example, needle punched nonwovens used for leather base cloth are very compact and strong.

3mm wool felt 1.jpg

The production of non-woven fabrics by needling method is entirely through a mechanical action, that is, the needle puncture effect of the needling machine, the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement and cohesion to obtain strength.

The basic principle is: the use of triangular cross-section (or other cross-section) edge with barb needle for repeated puncture of the fiber mesh. When the hook passes through the mesh, the surface of the net and the fibers in the inner layer are forced into the inner part of the net. Due to the friction between fibers, the originally fluffy web is compressed. When the needle exits the net, the penetrated bundle breaks away from the barb and stays in the net. As a result, many bundles become entangled in the net so that it can no longer return to its original fluffy state. After many times of needling, quite a number of fiber bundles are punctured into the network, so that the fibers in the network tangle with each other, thus forming a certain strength and thickness of needle-punched nonwovens.

Needle punched nonwovens include pre thorns, main needles, pattern needles, ring needles and tube needles.