Needle Punched Wool Felt

- Nov 06, 2018-

Needle punched wool felt is a kind of felt made by vertically needling fibers together to achieve a desired thickness and density. Needle punched felt is commonly manufactured from wool, synthetic and other re-processed fibers. Also, the needle punched wool felt can be made of 100% wool.

Compared needle punched wool felt with the pressed wool felt, you can find the difference between them.

  • The production of pressed wool felt is commonly through moisture, pressure and vibration processes. The needle punched wool felt is mainly treated by needle machines.

  • View the cross-section of wool felt, we can find the fibers of needle punched wool felt lay vertically, while the fibers of pressed wool felt lay horizontally.

  • Pressed wool felt is mainly used in the industrial applications for polishing, sealing and furniture protection, while the needle punched wool felt is widely used in the daily life, such as the wool felt insoles, wool fet placemat, wool felt sauna hats and other wool felt products.

A roll of gray needle punched wool felt on the white background.