needling wool felt 1

- Jul 04, 2018-

The technique of acupuncture is a nonwovens formed by a mechanical entanglement method, which uses a needle with a side tooth to drive the fiber into the bottom of the fiber net, reciprocating back and forth to make the fibers entangled together. The needle is fixed on the needle plate, the reverse side of the needle plate is fixed on the connecting rod, the connecting rod drives the needle plate to move up and down, and completes the entanglement between fibers.

The design of the needle is the core of the needle technique. According to the type of fiber used and the performance requirements of forming nonwovens, the fabric is produced by changing the distribution of hook spines, the angle of the hook and the overall shape, and the fiber is used to produce the required fabric. Needling technology is suitable for reinforcement of thicker mesh, and its technology is easy to combine with heat setting, chemical bonding and impregnation. Compared with other kinds of nonwoven products, the tensile strength, tearing strength and modulus of the needling products can be widely adjusted, the mechanical properties are stable, and the durability is outstanding, and the width of the fiber net can reach 13m.