needling wool felt 2

- Jul 04, 2018-

Needled wool felt products are mainly used in industry, but they are also used for geotextiles, clothing lining and furniture, and carpet and battery separator are also of great use.

It is composed of six needle plates, hot pressing rollers, netting machines and fiber gripper which can be moved up and down. It can produce various nonwoven products such as striped or patterned material, swan blankets and shoe materials. First of all, it is used to produce clothing lining, carpet fabrics, padding and packaging materials.

The programming of the needle mechanism is done according to the process of the needles with the lower needles, the upper needles, or the two directions of the needles, as well as the process of forming, raising and jacquard. The needle punching machine has no swinging, low vibration, little heat production, low noise, and the speed can reach the thorn / point.

Needle punched nonwovens can also be combined with other kinds of nonwovens and materials to form new products.

Needling felt method, felt is more simple than wet felt method, do not need water, only need to use a special, stabbed felt needle to poke the wool from the surface to the depth. The characteristics of the wool can make the needled fiber adhesion to each other and form the felt effect. It is also found that wool has high quality functions such as non woven, integral, warm, waterproof, combustible, solid color, heat insulation and so on. The wool is used as the high grade handicraft of handicraft works, which makes the wool felt handicraft on the palace of art. The key point of acupuncture production is to enhance production line on-line control and on-line monitoring of felt to improve production rate and product quality.

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