Non-woven tree planting bag advantages

- May 11, 2018-

Non-woven tree planting bag advantages

1. After using the tree-planting bag, the root system is not easy to grow around, because the special reinforced polypropylene material wall can allow a part of the fibrous roots to penetrate the bag, prevent the root length from becoming thick, improve the survival rate, and the fibrous root development is better, there is no packing phenomenon, and the plant Species

There is not much difference in planting in the field, so it is recommended to use a tree planting bag.

2.the soil is small and not easy to loose: Because there are a large number of fibrous roots growing in the tree-planting bag, the soil ball with the belt is much smaller than that without the tree-planting bag, and the soil ball is not easy to loosen during the transplantation, especially in the river sand with more sandy components. Strip of soil

The seedlings will be more effective.

3.after the tree-planting bag is used, the transplanting seedlings are faster, the use of labor is less, and the transplanting season is prolonged. It can be said that there are no problems in the next few days and months, while the traditional ones must be shifted in the designated survival season, otherwise the seedlings will not be able to survive,