Operating Regulations for High Temperature Resistant Rollers

- Sep 16, 2019-

1. Dust-proof masks and gloves must be worn well.

2. Cleaning drum must be operated by special person. Before driving, check whether the equipment is working properly, whether there is any defect, whether the fastener is loose.

3. Each batch of castings together with core iron shall not exceed 75%-80% of the volume of the drum. The maximum weight should not exceed the stipulation.

4. Before loading, the drum should be fixed with pins so as not to rotate and injure people.

5. After the high temperature drum is loaded with castings, the drum cover should be covered and fastened with bolts. When cleaning, first start the ventilation and dust removal equipment, then open the drum.

6. To unload castings, the drum cover must be transferred to the front side and fixed with a bolt before the drum cover can be opened.

7. When high temperature drum is working, it is strictly forbidden for people to approach. Castings or other objects shall not be stacked around.

8. Do not open the cover of the cylinder until the impeller of the cylinder is completely stopped by shot blasting.