origin of wool felt

- Dec 07, 2020-

origin Wool felt is a kind of fabric with a long history. Its making method has been spread in ancient Rome. It is a well-known European handicraft. There are many legends about the origin of woollen felt, the most interesting one of which is about the guardian Saint Clement of the Western shoemaker. Once Saint Clement ran hard in the woods to avoid the enemy's pursuit, and his feet began to heat and ache, but he still tried to get rid of the enemy who pursued him. So he found some wool in the woods, and stopped to collect it. In order to alleviate the pain, he wrapped the collected wool around his feet, then put his feet back into his shoes, and continued to run 。 When he finally reached a safe place, he took his painful feet out of his shoes and found that they had become a pair of felt shoes. Since then, woollen felt has been widely used in religious rituals and become a magic product to drive away demons and bring good luck. Later, it was found that wool has high-quality properties such as non-woven, integral forming, warmth preservation, water-proof, fire resistance, color fixation, heat insulation, etc., and began to use wool as high-end handmade art materials, so that wool felt handmade crafts have become the palace of art. Now, after several centuries of popularity in Europe and the United States, woollen felt hand-made has set off a crazy style of individual fashion for wool in Japan, Taiwan and other places, which is warmly sought after by many fashion and handcraft experts.