Planter Bag, Reusable Grow Bag

- Oct 22, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Shape: Round

  • Material: PE , Non Woven

  • Finishing: Not Coated

Grow bag Description:
It can be placed wherever you like, in your garden, on a balcony or roof terrace, even if you don't have a garden, you can put anywhere. This is an all new design with a tipping handle and these bags retain up to 90% more water than the previous design. High quality planter bags, they are ideal for the keen gardener who is short of space or who wants to grow plants out of season in their patio or other suitable places. Grow bumper crops of plants in these handy 45 litre potato.
These vegatable planter bags are re-usable due to their strength and quality.
This is grow planter is an ideal way to to grow plants without having to dig a ridge or drill. It can be used to grow many other type of vegetables like: Carrots, onions, swedes, parsnips, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes or other vegetable