Polishing wheel can be divided into four ways

- Jun 14, 2019-

Polishing wheel can be divided into four ways:

1. Non-suture whole cloth wheel: Made of soft cotton cloth, it is suitable for polishing complex workpieces or for fine polishing of small workpieces.

2. Suture type: Made of coarse cloth, non-woven cloth and fine plain cloth. Suture can be made of concentric circular spiral and direct radiation. It is suitable to polish all kinds of coatings and work with simpler shape.

3. Air-cooled cloth wheel: 45 degree angle cutting method, circular fold, with metal disc in the middle, with ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, suitable for polishing large workpieces.

Felt Wheel: Made of pure wool, it has long shrinkage time, compact structure and small pore. It is not limited by warp and weft as fabric, and has good wear resistance.