Polypropylene felt (PP non-woven fabric)

- Mar 19, 2018-

Polypropylene felt (PP non-woven fabric)

   Polypropylene fiber felt is made of polypropylene fiber.

   Width: maximum width 4m; length: 10m/roll, 20m/roll, ..., 100m/roll


   Color: white, other colors need custom dyeing.


   The main features and uses:


   1. Mainly used: clothing, footwear materials, jewelry, gift packaging, interior decoration and so on.


   2. Various mechanical, electrical and mechanical, electronic, electrical, textile, rail transportation, rolling stock, shipbuilding, military products, aerospace, energy and electricity, wire and cable, mining machinery, construction industry, automotive interior carpets, geotextiles, Home carpets and polypropylene cloth filters are widely used in food processing, cleaning machine production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and fertilizer production. In recent years, the tobacco industry has also applied.


   3. The advantage is excellent hydrolysis resistance, and no hydrolytic reaction occurs due to the presence of water or water vapor. Polypropylene felt cloth also has good abrasion resistance, which can effectively prevent static electricity generated by dust friction. At the same time, the smooth surface of polypropylene felt cloth contributes to the cleaning of polypropylene felt cloth, which is an excellent filter material. Due to the absence of hydrophilic groups in the long chains of polypropylene felt cloth, the moisture absorption rate is extremely low; at the same time, it is also resistant to corrosion.