Making process of felt mat 1

- Jun 25, 2018-

   Wool - screening (picking out the skin of the wool) - Open wool (to open the purchased wool) - lifting (extraction of impurities) - carbonization - drying or drying - carding (treated by a carding machine) - paving the net (the wool is made into a net) - a rubbing billet - a mat (making the hardness of the felt) - shrink (the hardness of the felt) Felt density treatment) - squeezing felt (felt leveling through a felt machine) - tamping felt (two treatment of felt density and cross force) - bleaching (the felt is adjusted to the customer's requirements for about 6 hours) - dry - quality inspection - drying - high temperature type - moth proof treatment - felt - block products or felt pads - felt - strips and so on - Quality inspection - warehousing.