Precautions for felt

- Nov 09, 2019-

1. The density unit of felt is (g / cm3). If the density is too high, the elasticity will be lost. If the density is too low, the wear resistance will be lost. The thickness and the thickness of the wool also have different effects on its performance. The user can select or inform the use properly according to the use requirements, so as not to affect the use.

2. At present, all kinds of felt are divided into special felt and common felt. The difference is based on the difference of wool thickness, density, size and color; the technical requirements are based on whether there is strength, elongation and capillary action, and the using unit can be selected according to the needs. When inspecting goods, we can use this standard to inspect them. According to the national regulations, our products can be divided into the following series for users to choose: T112; 112; 122; 132; 142.

1-2-3-4-5-mm-pure (4)