Production Technology of Polished Wool Wheel

- Aug 10, 2019-

Production Technology of Polished Wool Wheel

10mm-thickness-100-wool-felt-seals-gaskets (3)

The production process of wool wheel is different from that of industrial flat felt. It has long shrinkage time, compact structure and small pore. It is not limited by warp and weft as fabric. The thickness of wool wheel is easy to control. The density can be produced according to the requirements and the wear resistance is good. The characteristics of wool wheel are not possessed by every kind of product. For example, if the density of strong wool wheel is too large, it will lose elasticity, if the density is too small, it will lose wear resistance. The length and thickness of wool have an effect on the characteristics. It can be customized according to practical application.

How to choose depends on what products you use to polish, general wool wheel used in glass products, medical equipment, precision instruments, wood, jewelry, stainless steel crafts, stainless steel plate polishing.

Wool wheels are the necessary wheels for metal polishing of glass, stainless steel, ceramics and stone. They are used in the last process of glass polishing. It can also be used as one of the combined polishing wheels for eliminating scratches on the shallow surface of glass, together with the coolant of polishing powder. It is used for polishing of straight edge machine, bevel edge machine, special-shaped bevel edge machine and special-shaped edge grinder. The material of wool wheel is classified according to its hardness. The wool wheel with different hardness can be divided into flat wool wheel, covered wool wheel and polishing tool abrasive.