roduction principle of felt

- Dec 07, 2020-

roduction principle

According to the book "hand made express class of wool felt", wool felt is the thing after wool is "felted". According to different principles, wool felting process can be divided into needle felting and wet felting (p6-p7). It looks like soft and thin wool, covered with many scales that we can't see with our naked eyes. When these scales encounter hot water, they will open and stand up. If the scales are squeezed, rubbed and rubbed by external force, they will tangle with each other and contract closely to form a felted state, which is the basic principle of "wet felting".

In addition to the wet felt, a special wool pricking needle can also be used to prick the wool continuously, which will also make the scales on the wool tangle with each other to achieve the effect of felting. We call this practice "needle felt".

In fact, there are very few books about the production of wool felt in China. The quick production of wool felt (May 2010) published by Henan science and technology publishing house is the copyright introduced to Taiwan. The author is apple green teacher. Now, more wool felt manual books have been introduced into China, which can be bought on Amazon and other websites, and can also be searched on Taobao for wool felt manual books Books imported from Japan and Taiwan.

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