Roll-Up Ribbon-Tied Pencil Case

- Aug 24, 2017-

  1. Gather your materials. You'll need two different fabrics, about a yard of each, a needle and thread, scissors, washable fabric marker or tailor's chalk, and a ribbon.

  2. Cut a large rectangle from two different fabrics. The rectangles of fabric can be whatever size you'd like your pencil case to be. Around 7" by 12" would be sufficient

  3. Sew the rectangle pieces together. Sew the edges of the pieces of fabric together with the wrong sides facing each other. Leave one long edge unsewed so you can turn it inside out. Then turn it inside out.

  4. Cut another piece of fabric. Cut this one the same size as the first rectangle. So if your first two pieces of fabric were 7" by 12", you should cut out another 7" by 12" rectangle, using either of your fabrics.

  5. Sew the new piece to the original rectangle. First, fold the newly cut fabric in half so that the printed side is on the outside. Then sew the folded edge to the bottom of the first rectangle of sewn together fabric.

    * It should be sewn so that the open end is still open, and lies in the middle of the case.

    * Which side of the original sewn together rectangles you sew this folded in half rectangle on depends on what looks better to you.

  6. Sew lines for the pencil pouches. At 2" intervals, sew lines in the folded in half fabric, going downwards. These will make the gaps where the pencils will go in.

    * You'll want to mark the fabric with 2" intervals first with washable fabric marker or tailor's chalk first.

    * You can reinforce the stitches by doubling the stitching, running back through the line after making the first stitch line

  7. Attach the ribbon. Sew your ribbon to one end of the case, on the outside, opposite of where the pencil pouches are. Sew the ribbon in the middle of the edge of the case. Make stitches neatly along the edge of the ribbon and the pencil case.

  8. Put everything inside the pencil roll. Roll it up and tie it closed with the ribbon

  9. Finished