Sealed and lubricated design

- Dec 13, 2017-

Sealing As the selection of the motor for low speed, room temperature, pressure of the motor can choose felt seal. Felt seal is filled in the shell ring felt circle to plug the leakage gap, to seal the purpose. Felt with natural elasticity, sponge-like loose, can store lubricating oil and cover dust. When the shaft rotates, the felt can lubricate itself again and again by itself

2. Lubrication (1) Due to the gear, due to the peripheral speed of the transmission member v <12m / s, the use of oil immersion lubrication, so the body needs adequate lubricant for lubrication and heat dissipation. At the same time in order to avoid the oil stirred up when the sediment, addendum to the tank bottom distance H should not be less than 30 ~ 50mm. For a single-stage reducer, the depth of immersion oil is one tooth full height, so you can determine the required amount of oil, single-stage transmission, each pass 1KW demand V0 = 0.35 ~ 0.7m3

2) For rolling bearings, the transmission parts of the speed is not high, and difficult to often oil, so the choice of grease lubrication. This not only sealed simple, should not be lost, but also to form a complete separation of the sliding surface of the film