Selection of Handmade Persian carpet

- Oct 05, 2020-

Choose a high-quality Persian carpet, pay attention to the method.

1. Folding: make the carpet suede outward, and you can see a small knot at the end of each thread end of the hand-made carpet. Hand made carpets are not perfectly symmetrical and are acceptable if there are slight irregularities every 2 to 7 cm.

2. Observation: looking at the back of the carpet, the pattern can be clearly seen in the handmade carpet, while the woven carpet has no obvious characteristics. The fringes of hand-made carpets are the natural extension of warp bundles, while the fringes of woven carpets are sewn on by machines separately.

3. Hand feeling: use your hand to know the reverse direction of the suede. If you feel smooth along the surface, you will feel blocked in the reverse direction. When reflecting light, the color along the surface is lighter and the color on the reverse side is darker. The suede of hand-made carpet should be the same, about 45 degrees from the plane of warp and weft. When furniture is placed on the carpet, the suede will not be directly crushed. However, for the woven carpet with the suede inverted to 90 degrees, the pile will be crushed directly after placing the furniture, causing damage to the carpet.