Solid and Spiral Mirror Ring for Glass Polishing

- Feb 13, 2019-

Mirror rings are used in conjunction with cerium as a final step for polishing the edges or bevels of flat glass. This flat glass can be used in structural and decorative applications. Whether polishing a beveled conference table or mirror in your lobby, the visual result of polishing the machined glass edges will most likely be the focal point of the piece. The mirror ring is not physically polishing, it is carrying the abrasive to the surface of the glass for the magic of glass polishing to happen.

10mm-thickness-100-wool-felt-seals-gaskets (1)

Until the 1980’s, natural felt was the product of choice for glass polishing. Natural wool felt that is felted to density is stable in water, has excellent abrasive carrying properties and is very forgiving. The down sides of natural felt are the initial expense and they degrade in water – allowing bacterial growth.

The development of the solid and synthetic spirals have allowed for lower overall cost of the polishing process, more control over the physical characteristics of the mirror ring while maintaining the highest quality of polish. Spartan Felt currently has one solid synthetic polishing wheel and seven styles of spiral synthetics. The solid mirror rings are the least economical due to the expense of the raw materials. The spiral mirror rings are uniquely designed for an OEM machine, application or as a standard item. Through the density of synthetic sub-straight, fiber size, fiber entanglement, chemistry and manufacturing process, Spartan Felt can make a wide variety of spirals. These products range from a basic mirror ring that has an average product life of 40 run hours to some of our latest technology that can wear over 120 hours in the same manufacturing environment.