Soundproof wool felt

- Oct 09, 2018-

Soundproof wool felt is a better sound insulation material in the market at present. Mainly used with gypsum board collocation, used for wall sound insulation and ceiling sound insulation, but also used in pipelines, mechanical equipment noise insulation and damping damping damping. Sound-proof felt is not felt, look completely different, felt light and soft, and sound-proof felt thin but heavy.

Sound-proof wool felt is made of odorless EPDM rubber and more than ten kinds of organic minerals in a certain proportion. The product is black, environment-friendly and odorless. It is a sound-proof material with good performance for low-frequency and high-frequency sound. It can effectively suppress the propagation of various kinds of vibration. The thickness of the material varies from 1mm, 2mm, 3mm. It has been inspected by the State Building Materials Bureau. Measured, weighted sound insulation Rw is 23dB, 27dB, 30dB, material flexibility is also very good, can be arbitrary bending, arbitrary color cutting, construction is very convenient and fire-proof sound insulation material. It is an ideal indoor sound insulation material.

Furniture is the natural absorption and diffusion body in the room, especially the effect of wooden furniture. It has the characteristics of fiber porosity, so that it can absorb noise and reduce noise pollution. Different wood has different sound absorption degree, and is better than soft wood sound-absorbing, such as pine wood. In addition, do not place the large glass cabinet with too strong acoustic reflection, metal paintings that easily cause vibration and lightweight display items, and place books or CD discs should be ups and downs, scattered, will increase the effect of reflection surface diffusion. If the bookcase is placed in front of the wall adjacent to the neighbor's home, it can properly block the sound from the neighbor's home.