Specification and Type Description of Felt

- Jul 24, 2019-

The technical standard of felt is based on the standard issued by the Ministry of FZ/T 25001-92. The first digit represents the color of the product, the second digit represents the category of the material, the third digit represents the specifications of the product, the fourth and fifth digits represent the density of the product, and the "T" represents the special felt, for example: T 112.- 0.44 refers to special white felt, density 0.44g/cm3 112-0.36 refers to white semi-rough felt, density 0.36g/cm3;

When purchasing, the color, thickness and density of the requirement can be satisfied. When ordering felt wheel and felt parts, please put forward the standard class naming number or provide part drawings, materials and templates. The allowable deviation of the size of the parts is generally in accordance with the local standard.

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