square mc weight for 1 mm color polyester felt cloth

- Feb 26, 2018-

Square mc weight  for 1 mm color polyester felt cloth 

   1 mm color polyester felt cloth is the number of square meters grams, 1 mm blankets are generally between 120-200g Polyester Felt Fabric made of polyester fiber, polyester felt cloth performance is excellent, is a more ideal Acupuncture non-woven fabric, its biggest advantage is good anti-wrinkle and warm, it is because of the polyester fiber elongation, compression, bending and other deformation recovery ability is high, while the polyester polymer macromolecular chains High rigidity, high elastic modulus, so the fiber is not easy to deform; followed by the strength, the general strength of up to 4 ~ 6g / dtex, high strength polyester felt cloth strength up to 6 ~ 9g / dtex, and the wet strength does not change ; Again, thermal stability and heat resistance is good; the last is wear-resistant anti-corrosion, its wear resistance is second only to nylon.