Structure classification of industrial wool felt helical gear

- Oct 16, 2019-

Gears are mechanical parts with teeth that can mesh with each other. They are widely used in mechanical transmission and the whole mechanical field. Modern gear technology has reached: gear module 0.004-100 mm; gear diameter from 1 mm-150 m; transmission power up to 100000 kW; rotational speed up to several hundred thousand rpm; * peripheral speed up to 300 m / s.

The gear material of pure wool felt is wool felt made of imported high-quality wool, which is of high density, white and free of impurities. It is mainly used for lubricating gears in sealed gear boxes, so that the gears are always in lubrication state and the service life is prolonged.

The characteristics of pure wool felt gear transmission are: stable gear transmission, accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, high efficiency, long service life, large power, speed and size range.

pure-lubrication-felt-wool-spur-gear (2)