Technical requirements for mechanical shearing

- Apr 04, 2018-

Technical requirements for mechanical shearing

Mechanized sheep shearing is a very technical job. The technical requirements of wool felt for shearing work are many.

1. Shearing requirements: Wool is an important raw material for the textile industry. Shearing work is seasonally strong. It is required that the shearing speed is fast, the raccoon remains low, and the wound is small. It is strictly forbidden to use two knife hairs. After the shearing, the sheep body hairs are evenly leveled.

2. The sheep is only safe. The key to shearing is Baoding sheep. It is mainly to control the sheep's head and limbs. This work is done through the shearer's legs and left arm.

3. Use the shearing machine correctly. Strive to shearing machine in the full range of each shearing shear, shearing movements quickly and accurately, to minimize cutting head idling time, and according to different parts of the sheep body, and more for long strokes shearing action to speed up the shearing speed.

4. The right wrist of the shearing machine must be flexible. The surface of the sheep body is round, and the cutting blade is flat, which requires the shearer's wrist to rotate flexibly along with the sheep's body surface. This is the key to giving full play to the blade width and making the feathers cut low and flat.

5. Familiar with the cutting head ‘Every hair cutting worker must be familiar with the structure, performance, and maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the shear head he uses, and he must be proficient in using and handling the blade. If the blade is not sharp, it should be ground in time. However, the time for grinding the blades should not be too long in order to prevent the blades from annealing and reduce the quality of the blades, which will affect the service life of the blades.

s. Shearing requirements for shearing sheep in sheep. Love the sheep. It is not allowed to "fight" with the sheep to avoid shearing and disabling sheep. It is forbidden to use the legs and feet to press the sheep's feet and abdomen so as not to crush the sheep's internal organs and cause death, no heavy shearing, no leakage cutting, and the sheared fur shall be low and smooth. The advancement speed is fast, and 47 heads are not allowed to stop The sheep does not move forward and the wool should be kept intact and clean.