The characteristics of wool

- Jun 25, 2018-

Wool has non woven properties, formability, warmth retention, water repellency, fire resistance, color fastness, heat insulation and other high quality properties. If the machine is not soaked, the felt and the rotating shaft neck will produce high temperature because of the dry friction when the machine has just started to rotate. It will cause the early failure of the contact surface elastic force, make the felt out of the seal, and cause the leakage of the sealing part, so it can not work normally.

The products of felt sealing mainly include felt gaskets, felt seals, etc. the shape and size of the sealing products can be made according to specific conditions. The plasticity of wool refers to the property that the wool can quickly attenuate its internal stress in hot and humid conditions and change the existing form according to the external force, and then keep the shape by cooling or drying. The wool felt gasket is made of woollen felt after being processed by a paper cutter. It has the functions of sealing, oil storage, shockproof, sound insulation, heat insulation and antistatic. Because the wool felt in the processed products after the folding can be returned to the original, with the fiber, can make the structure more compact, and do not need special treatment can be integrated into one, very convenient. Felt is usually divided into pure felt and fiber felt. Pure felt is made of pure wool, and wool and chemical fiber products are mixed. Because the elasticity of the felt is good, it is often used as a material of shock proof and gasket, and its density is high.

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