The difference between imported wool felt and homemade wool felt(2)

- Jun 20, 2018-

made felt belt with ordinary three neoprene adhesive felt strips. Chloroprene rubber is three benzene solvent type chloroprene rubber, its disadvantages in addition to contain large quantities of harmful substances and environmental pollution, the poor heat resistance, so the felt belt at runtime to generate heat, easy to make adhesive felt loose, separation, thus greatly reduce the service life of the lining.

The traditional design of some colored wool felt cut into various shapes and then penetrated into another shape, in fact, the concrete application of blankets in clothing and accessories in the premise to understand its characteristics in depth in the deep mining and its application. Wool has both softness and toughness. It has good elasticity, comfortable tactility and good reducibility. Therefore, wool felt can be quickly restored to its original shape after folding and is not easily deformed.