the feature of Felt Placemat Tableware

- Aug 03, 2020-


1、High Quality Felt: The chemical fiber felt has a very high quality.The felt is very dense, and the placemat has a perfect quality.

2、Multiple Functions: Whether for dinner or lunch, this modern  set will be a loyal companion. 3-piece kit is also suitable foryour pottery set.

3、Durable Placemat: The high quality and high density of glass coasters and placemats are extremely durable and guaranteea reliable protection of your table from unsightly scratches.

4、Dinner Atmosphere Creation: This modern placemat allows you to enjoy the perfect dinner. The delicate anthracite and light grey colored placemat creates a special dinner atmosphere.Whether you like to have dinner at home or in the garden, it can   be used.

5、Use Note: After use, just wipe the placemat with a damp cloth,  or wash it without deformation.

Felt placemat coaster set  L