The felt insulation board is so big

- Jun 28, 2017-

When you hear the word "soundproof felt", most people think of something like felt first. In fact, the sound insulation felt and felt are quite different in appearance. The felt is light and soft, while the sound insulation felt is very thin. Some people say that "soundproof felt" is derived from Japan, but the Japanese building materials industry calls it "masking" or "anti - noise"".

For a building space enclosed structure of it is directly affected by the external sound effect or object impact and vibration, will radiate to the architectural space and energy, enclosed structure to building space to space by external sound, which is called "sound". Incoming energy is always more or less smaller than the external sound or impact energy, so that the enclosed structure from a part in its sound, which is called "sound". The concept of a sound and sound insulation of both opposite and complementary is a phenomenon from two different angles of the. Enclosed structure from outer space if acoustic energy, known as the "air sound insulation"; if the impact energy to radiation in space energy decreased, known as the "solid sound or impact sound insulation". This is different from the concept of vibration isolation, which is the final arrival of the air sound of the receiver, which is ultimately the solid vibration that the receiver feels. But vibration reduction measures can reduce the impact of vibration or impact sources on enclosure structures (such as floor slabs), which can reduce the impact sound itself.

Soundproof blanket is a kind of high density flexible rubber membrane, polymer materials as the main raw materials, mainly used for collocation and gypsum board, wall insulation and ceiling insulation, sound insulation and vibration damping is applied to pipeline and mechanical equipment. Sound insulation felt and other sound absorbent materials, such as cotton felt, foam or rock wool, will have better sound insulation. The most important features are material, environmental protection, internal resistance, sound insulation performance, with vibration reduction effect. Chemical fiber felt has the characteristics of high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, water repellency, oil absorption, radiation protection, noise elimination and high filtration efficiency.