The history of viscose

- Jul 11, 2018-

Viscose is one of the old fiber varieties. stay

In 1891, Cross, Bevan and Beadle (Beadle), and so on, first made the sodium cellulose sulfonate solution with cotton as raw material, which was named "viscose" because of the viscosity of the solution. When the viscose meets acid, the cellulose is re - precipitated. According to this principle, in 1893, it developed into a method of making cellulose fibers, which are called viscose fibers. By 1905, Miller and Muller invented a kind of coagulation bath consisting of dilute sulfuric acid and sulphate, and achieved the industrial production of viscose fiber. Therefore, the name of the viscose fiber is the state of the intermediate product of the process. In fact, the viscose fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from natural wood fiber. [1]