The importance of color chemical fiber wool felt in decoration industry 2

- Jul 06, 2018-

With the continuous deepening of the integration of information and industrialization, in order to gain competitive advantages, enterprises must possess the production capacity and quality control ability of high quality products, which is guaranteed by the leading technology and the leading production process. Therefore, the leading industry of color chemical fiber wool felt usually takes improving production technology, automation and improving production quality as the main development direction.

In the industry of decorative materials, color wool felt also occupies a lot of status. Next, we will understand the characteristics of color chemical fiber wool felt.

Laser carving: at present, the wool mat mat in the market mainly uses laser engraving method to deal with the design of the cup mattress. The laser cutting technology has been very mature, and the method of laser engraving can be easily completed in a few minutes or even seconds. It is used for the production of complex patterns.

Industrial cutting: the advantage of industrial cutting is to directly cut out the shape to be cut, and it is not practical to make the edge more smooth and round.

Embroidery: cut the molded wool mat and make further processing, so that many patterns can be embroidered.

The color is bright: the color can be chosen freely, and the color card can directly select the number, so as to bring the designer's creativity into play.

Stronger plasticity: allows designers to have more space. Soft but resilient amazing for industrial cutting, laser engraving and other manufacturing processes.

Heat insulation: color fiber wool felt cup mats have good thermal insulation, can guarantee the bottom temperature of the cup to a small degree on the table, keep the table material not deformed, and make the temperature of the water in the cup not change too fast.