The introduction of the rotating principle of the helical gear of pure wool felt

- Oct 29, 2019-

Today, let's introduce the left-handed principle of industrial wool felt helical gear:


The gear material of pure wool felt is wool felt made of imported high-quality wool, which is of high density, white and free of impurities. It is mainly used for lubricating gears in sealed gear boxes, so that the gears are always in lubrication state and the service life is prolonged. The so-called concept of left-hand rotation does not refer to the direction of gear rotation, but the direction of helical gear angle rotation. This is the common sense of mechanical design. If the driving gear is left-hand rotation, the driven gear must be left-hand rotation, and the angle is completely the same. The more accurate it is, the more stable it is to work, or it cannot be matched at all, and the helical gear has axial thrust.