The opportunity and challenge of viscose fiber

- Jul 12, 2018-

(1) the viscose fiber prospect is still promising: viscose fiber itself has excellent dyeing, moisture absorption, antistatic properties, its fabric is comfortable, hygienic, smart and bright, with many kinds of fiber not as good as the properties, which is the basic reason that viscose fiber is not eliminated by synthetic fiber impact. With the improvement of the living standards of the people in China, the consumption concept of clothing and home decoration tends to "return to nature", as well as the optimistic export of garments to the European and American markets, which will increase the demand for viscose fiber accordingly. Therefore, it is foreseeable that viscose fiber will continue to be an important raw material for textiles. With the gradual withdrawal of the developed countries from the production of viscose fiber, more market space will be given out, which is undoubtedly a historic opportunity for viscose fiber in China.

(2) the advantages of the development of viscose industry in China: the production concentration of viscose industry in China is high, the average production capacity of the single plant reaches more than 20 thousand tons, some of the leading enterprises are close to the international level; the raw materials of viscose fiber are cotton pulp, wood pulp and other natural substances, and the resources of China's cotton short wool (cotton pulp raw material) are very rich. It is very advantageous for enterprises to reduce their production cost, and the production of viscose fiber in developed countries is decreasing year by year, providing space for the export of viscose filament in China.