The origin of wool felt

- Mar 23, 2018-

The origin of wool felt

     Wool felt is a kind of ancient and long-lasting fabric. Its production method has been popularized in Roman times and it is a European handicraft technique.

     There are many legends about the origin of wool felt. One of the most interesting ones is the guardian sacred Clement of western shoe-shoe merchants. A St.Clementian desperately ran in the woods to escape the pursuit of the enemy, and his feet began to heat and ache, but he still managed to get rid of the enemies that he chased after him. So he discovered that there were some wool in the woods. , and stopped to start collecting, in order to reduce the pain, he wrapped the wool wrapped in the feet, and then put his feet back into the shoes and continue to start mad. When he finally reached a safe place, he found his felt feet turned into a pair of felt shoes when he took the painful feet out of the shoes. Since then, wool felts have been widely used in religious ceremonies and have become a deity to drive the demon and bring good luck.

     Later, people also discovered that wool has high-quality properties such as non-woven, integrally formed, warm-keeping, waterproof, fire-retardant, fixing, and heat-insulating, and began to use wool as a high-end hand-made art material. Let wool felt arts and crafts reach the hall of art.

    Nowadays, wool felts have been popular in Europe and America for centuries, and in Japan, Taiwan, and other places have set off a frenzy of personality style fashion for wool. They are highly sought after by fashion and craftsmen. It can be said that people who haven't played with wool felts have been considered away from the trend.