The quality of wool felt

- Apr 16, 2018-

The quality of wool felt

       With the development of society, in recent years, a new type of material - wool felt has been applied to various occupations. In the early days, wool felt had already been developed in Europe, America and other countries. Now it can be seen everywhere in the Chinese market. We all understand that wool felts are made primarily of wool, and most wool felts are used in industry.

       Nowadays, the use of wool felt is more and more extensive, and there are also increasing varieties for us to choose. And to meet our needs now, there are wool felts of various colors, such as chemical fiber felts and colorful felts. More popular products. Wool felt is very elastic, and its feel is similar to that of fabrics. That is, according to this feature of wool felts, we can use different methods.

      The introduction of chemical fiber blankets is the first step. It is a general term for fibers made from natural or artificially processed macromolecules, processed by physical treatment methods. The characteristics of chemical fiber felts are strong stretchability and moisture retention, which can be used for leather roll belts in certain lengths. It has also been used in other areas.

      Like industrialized chemical fiber felts, colorful chemical fiber felts are also very popular, so we need to understand their knowledge. Colourful felts are primarily made by mixing pigments made of wool and fibrous materials into various colors. The most original fabric method in our record can be traced back to 6,500 BC, and it has a history of at least 8,000 years before. Other technologies were used earlier by humans. The wool has a soft, strong character, and the fiber has excellent elasticity, a comfortable touch, and excellent recovery characteristics. Because the goods processed by the wool felt can be returned to their original shape immediately after being folded, and the structure of the fiber is closely intertwined, the characteristics of the treated wool felt can be integrated into one without having to be processed, which is extremely convenient.

      In today's existing market, we can easily buy a lot of wool felt, chemical fiber felt is a wide variety, fully able to choose their own products. For many markets where the quality of goods is mixed, it is important to select a good chemical fiber felt.