The use and performance of wool felt computer bags 2

- May 16, 2018-

The use and performance of wool felt computer bags

     Wool felt is cheap, good quality, easy to carry, use a variety of functions, but also environmental protection (can test and test up to various countries in the world standards) factory can provide a variety of sizes style computer bag samples! Can also be processed to meet customer requirements, sample to map free proofing! !

    1. Look for suitable matching protection space for notebooks so that your laptop won't sway in the bag and improve the machine's seismic performance.

    2. Wool felt computer bag toughness. At present, the weight of mainstream notebooks is about 2.2KG. Therefore, the need for attention is the use of materials and workmanship for notebook bags. The ordinary kind of laptop bag is naturally not suitable for long-term use, and an accident may cause your notebook to suffer fatal injuries. Therefore, the material used to hold it must first be superior, otherwise, after your bag is used for a period of time, it begins to appear fried lines, straps hook loose, etc., an accident, which may be worth the laptop You will encounter fatal injuries. The high-quality laptop bag must be strictly tested on all aspects before leaving the factory. For example, the metal buckle of the notebook bag must undergo repeated tensile tests and load tests, and the selected plastic product is also subjected to a hardness test. Because the hard plastic in a cold area can burst, causing a lot of trouble for the product.

   3. Wool felt computer bag waterproof: Notebook bag * value is still waterproof, because the purchase of laptops is to facilitate the mobile office, if you go out in the affliction rain, or a cup of drink accidentally splashed up, so that if there is a bag With good waterproof performance, we can also sit back and relax when we encounter these accidents.