The value of Handmade Blanket

- Oct 12, 2020-

Appreciation value: handmade carpet, using a variety of traditional patterns, such as flower, Wu, Fu, Shou, long, etc., shows the style and exquisite technology of various countries and nationalities. China's pure wool hand-made carpets are divided into "Beijing style", "fine art", "colorful style" and "Beijing color". They are rich in content, and their carpet flowers and scenery are like relief. The carpet is bright and bright, that is, it condenses the essence of ancient Chinese culture and has a high appreciation value for modern civilization and natural form.

Use value: using wool and silk as raw materials, hand knitting. The structure is tight, firm and firm, full of elasticity and good air permeability. Natural fiber is selected, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. It can maintain people and has high use value.

Collection value: high grade carpet is also called soft gold. The pure wool craft blanket is made of domestic wool and New Zealand wool. It is made by weaving, flattening, slicing, washing and repairing. It has a strong three-dimensional feeling and is different from each other. It is a handicraft with great collection value. With the increase of labor cost, the value of hand-made carpet is bound to increase.