The wool felt in chemical fiber needs to be taken care well

- Jul 10, 2018-

Chemical wool felt is a kind of wool felt, a lot of uses, chemical fiber felt is a high quality felt type. In general, chemical fiber felt is made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic fiber, imported fiber and so on. Moreover, chemical fiber wool felt is mostly used in garment factories and package factories. What are the advantages of chemical fiber felt compared with ordinary felt? We know that with the development of society, there are also a variety of blankets, although there is a long history, but there are true and false points, good and bad, no matter how, there will be different types of feeling.

Fiber wool felt with unique reducibility and elasticity, making regular maintenance of the wool products, more durable than other natural fibers and artificial fiber products. Please take care of wool felt fabric according to the maintenance instructions on the commodity tag, so as to ensure that the shape and touch feel as long as new.

* the early felt bags are all textile forms. At that time, they were mainly made of non woven fabrics. Wool made of felt is very soft and tough, and the fiber has good elasticity, comfortable touch, and excellent reducibility, because the wool felt can be returned to the original after the processed product is folded and the fiber can make the structure. More compact, and without special treatment can be integrated into one, very convenient.

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