Tips for Working with Felt

- Feb 01, 2019-

Here are some tips to help even complete beginners to produce great looking items from felt:

  • Make a feature of stitching. As felt is a thick material seams can be bulky. Instead of turning the felt so the seam is on the inside, show the stitching on the outside and make a feature of this. This emphasises the handmade nature of the project while also providing an attractive decorative feature.

  • Use simple shapes. Very intricate or detailed shapes are difficult to cut and work with. Thin strips of felt may pull out of shape so it is best to work with simple shapes where possible.

  • Add other decorations. Although felt is easy to work with and low cost, it doesn't need to be boring or utilitarian. Add other decorations such as stitching, beads or ribbons to add further interest.

Felt is an ideal material for use in a wide variety of projects. For crafters looking for something new to turn their hands to, working with felt could be just the thing.