Two methods of dry cleaning carpet

- Oct 07, 2020-

Foam dry cleaning

It is one of the most common foam cleaning methods for carpet surface. The foam dry cleaning machine uses a rotary brush and an implantable wet vacuum suction head to spray a large amount of detergent on the carpet pile. Under the action of the rolling brush, the detergent cleans the pile, and then uses the vacuum suction machine to absorb the washing foam and suspended dust.

Dry extraction method

The method is to spray the mixture of solvent, emulsifier, water and detergent on the carpet surface by artificial or distribution container, brush it into the carpet pile by washing equipment, and then absorb the detergent and dust after 30 minutes of rotary washing.

Dry cleaning is a kind of surface cleaning, which can effectively make the carpet surface clean, but it does not remove the dirt hidden in the carpet, so it must be cleaned thoroughly.