Usage, Specification and Type of Wool Ball

- Jul 27, 2019-

1. Wool ball material; is a kind of abrasive made from pure wool yarn or man-made fibers, Australian high-quality lambskin as raw materials, which is attached to the wool cloth or cast directly on the surface of the sheep skin and adhered to the polished body.

2. Scope of application of wool balls: furniture, wood products, packaging boxes, glass, automobiles, stainless steel, precision instrument products, etc.

3. The properties and advantages of Zhaoshun wool ball series; 1. It can be polished directly by itself. (2) Use polished surface with polishing fluid (paste, powder) to achieve better polishing effect. (3) It can deal with the traces left by the polishing process before polishing. (4) Convenient replacement. (5) Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent material selection, soft and elastic wool yarn, natural fur integrated in the polishing process, without hair removal, is a natural environmental protection material. wool ball polishing series matches most of the pneumatic and electric polishing machines on the market. (3) Washing and reusing can reduce cost and save economy.

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